Health & Dental

As fire departments are looking at ways to retain and attract their members, providing benefits could help entice those to join or retain those members currently on your roster.

CVIS, INC is providing your fire department two options when it comes to Health & Dental.

As a decision maker for the fire department, the options listed to the right give you two great options that can accommodate any request from your firefighters. If you want to provide a group option that encompasses everyone, the Group Plan would work best for your department. If you receive a request from a member or two, you can simply share with them the Individual Plan that they can purchase online and with their VISA. These options are a great way to provide benefits for your firefighters.

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  • 50% Participation of Active Roster
  • Terminates at age 70 or when retiring from the Fire Department
  • 2 year Survivor Benefits
  • Member Only or Family Option
  • If you already have plan, it pays extra 20%
  • Up to $15,000 Life Insurance included
  • Many plans available to meet your budget
  • There’s NO waiting period, with plans effective of the month following approval;
  • All plans include $5 million travel coverage to any age;
  • Single, couple and family rates are available;
  • Legal assistance is provided toll-free anywhere in Canada 24/7
  • In most cases, 24 hour coverage acceptance notification for all non-medically underwritten plans